Academia In Turkey Faces ‘Cleansing, Political Vandalization And Intellectual ‘Desertification’

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Yavuz Baydar, Huffington Post

When I heard the news on late Tuesday night, I did not know who to pity more than the other. I knew a few of the victims, but the first one I thought was a soft-spoken, elderly gentleman; Prof İbrahim Kaboğlu, from Marmara University, a top Turkish expert on constitution and law.

His civil courage has remained a contrast with his mild manners: he is one of the flag bearers of those who against all odds defend the value of the rule of law. Tuesday night, this senior scholar from Istanbul was ‘awarded’ by being fired, in a most arbitrary way.

Barış için Akademisyenlere Yönelik Hak İhlalleri / Rights violations against "Academics for Peace"

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Bu belgede "Bu Suça Ortak Olmayacağız" bildirisini 11 Ocak 2016'da kamuoyuna duyuran Barış için Akademisyenlere yönelik hak ihlalleri listelenmiştir. / In this document, violations of rights against the Academics for Peace (Barış İçin Akademisyenler, BAK) who publicized their declaration “We will not be a party to this crime” on January 11, 2016, are listed.

Dismissed academics beaten by police in Turkey

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The Education and Science Worker’s Union (Egitim-Sen) organised a meeting at Ankara University under the name of “no, we are not leaving” protesting dismissals of academics by the decree laws published on Friday. However, the police and the security officers did not let the academics enter the university. On the insistence of the academics and students to go in, the police intervened and arrested several protesters.

Turkey sacks 115 ‘academics for peace’ with latest decree law

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A new decree law ordering the dismissal of 4,464 public servants was issued by the Turkish government on Tuesday; the dismissals included 330 academics.

It has emerged that half of the 330 academics purged with the new decree law signed the peace declaration criticising curfews in predominantly Kurdish southeastern districts in 2015 and early 2016.

This professor spoke out against the Turkish state. Then she was forced to flee.

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Catherine Garcia, the Week

As the only faculty member at Bingöl University to sign the Academics for Peace petition, Eda Erdener thought she would probably be investigated, and braced herself for an appearance before prosecutors. What she didn't prepare for was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan publicly assailing the signatories — labeling them terrorists and traitors. She also didn't expect to see the partisan press publish personal details alongside her photograph, or receive online messages from the military police, or have a black Jeep follow her constantly.

Turkey loses its brains

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Zia Weise http://www.politico.eu/

For Turkey’s academics, the new year began with a new wave of dismissals. With 2017 not yet a week old, 631 researchers and professors lost their jobs with the stroke of a pen.

In the course of the past year, thousands of Turkish scholars were fired or suspended in a similar manner, victims of the government’s sweeping purge following last summer’s failed coup. More than a dozen universities were simply shut down by decree.